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What I Do

The Business Card Explained

I have always looked at things differently than most. Oftentimes people wonder why I’m always needing to improve things. What’s wrong with them the way they are?  Well, I don’t really have an answer. It’s the way I am. I like making things better.

That attitude has had me spending a lot of time identifying problems and looking for solutions. So much of what we do in society is trying to solve something when we don’t know what the REAL problem is.

This way of thinking has defined my work for most of my adult life. I like solving problems. I enjoy challenges… or as my wife puts it, I love “transforming space.”

Space might be where you live, or it might be where you are mentally today… let me know if a few puns or jokes might help.

The business cards I currently carry work toward satisfying my need to create.

Krantzform is where I satisfy my need for concrete, hands-on results. I so love to take tired old spaces and make them new and vibrant again. From a kitchen remodel to a major renovation of your space, consider using krantzform for both design and management of your project.

My interpreting skills go a long way at keeping good communications between the client, the architect, and the contractors. I take pride on how many of the projects I manage come in on time and on budget.

My personal card rdk points people to this website. It’s for those who don’t really want or need a sales pitch for my work, but want to know how I got to be who I am and be able to keep in touch.


Let’s take a look at your life… business or personal… whatever is most important to you. We’ll ask some questions that should point us in the right direction.