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About Me

Here’s my early life in a nutshell…

Although born in 1948 in Brookline Massachusetts my family moved ten miles east to Winthrop when I was four. I got to do the typical growing up things… school, lots of friends, hanging out at the sea wall, going to Anna’s for pizza… my mom had a convertible.

School was OK. I didn’t find it interesting or relevant enough to try very hard. Marching and playing trumpet in the band was my major distraction. I found myself hanging out with musicians and artists a lot. Something I still do.

In 1966 I headed 250 miles north. My sister was living in Bangor and she bribed me into going to U Maine with use of her car and dinners every Friday night. As good a reason as any.

Ah, the Sixties.
Here’s where my life
and politics took shape.

College, The Vietnam War, folk music….
Stir them up a bit, and that sets the stage for who I was to become. It all had it’s effect. However, looking back, two major events stand out.

On May 4, 1970 four students were shot and killed at Kent State. Ten days later it happened again at Jackson State. The realization that our own Government would shoot and kill our own was a turning point in my life. I started a free university called abenaki experimental college and took over managing a coffee house in Orono.

Later that year I met Buckminster Fuller, an amazing man and great visionary who refused to accept what didn’t work and spent his entire life trying to make things better.

Bucky’s note to me. I had dropped some mail for him at the Post Office after our first meeting.

A friend introduced me to Bucky and I was lucky to spend a fair amount of time with him over the next several years. He was a major influence on my life. He taught me to not always accept the obvious, but to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. Thank you Bucky.

If you’re interested in more of my journey, please detour here… read the whole story under More Insight… or the glue sections of the site… the short Resume is here.